Providing Curbside Trash and Recycling Services to Northern Larimer County

• Red Feather Lakes
• Livermore
• LaPorte
• Bellvue including Lory State Park area
• Poudre Canyon
• Rist Canyon & Stove Prairie
• Buckhorn Canyon
• South Horsetooth including Redstone Canyon & Masonville

Holiday Pickup Schedule:
Regular trash routes will be followed on all holidays

Canyon Utilities Service, Inc.
32919 Poudre Canyon Hwy • Bellvue, CO • 80512

Weekly Curbside Residential Trash
• Bags and customer provided containers: For regular household trash
• Polycart (provided): For larger amounts of household trash

Weekly and Bi-weekly Dumpsters
• Dumpster 2 cubic yards
• Dumpster 3 cubic yards

Weekly Curbside Recycling
• Bagged Recycles
• Pickup day is Monday even on holiday Mondays

Canyon Utilities Service, Inc.
32919 Poudre Canyon Hwy • Bellvue, CO • 80512

General Guidelines

• Please have your trash out by 7:00 AM on your pickup day. Our routes are long and we cannot circle back for late trash.

• Curbside trash is often collected in 4WD trucks that are not enclosed, we cannot pick up trash and recycles in untied bags, it is difficult to handle and may blow out of our trucks.

• Bags that weigh over 25 pounds may not be picked up as they must be thrown overhead into the trucks by our drivers. Please split your heavy bags as a safety concern.

• Cardboard boxes must be broken down flat and bundled. Cardboard boxes that are not broken take up too much space in our trucks. We will accept boxes filled with trash if they are taped securely shut.

• Your trash should be in a can If you have wildlife or weather that will scatter it. We are not responsible for picking up scattered trash.

Restricted Items that will not be collected unless special arrangements are made.
• All refiigerators and all freon bearing devices
• Tires
• Batteries
• Electronic waste
• Oil
• Paint and solvents

Canyon Utilities Service, Inc.
32919 Poudre Canyon Hwy • Bellvue, CO • 80512

Curbside Recycle collection is provided as an additional option in conjunction with our trash service. We do not, however, provide stand-alone recycle services. Call our office to enroll for recycle pickup service.

All recycles are picked up on Monday. Please have your recycles out for pickup by 7:00 AM

General Recycle Guidelines:

Household recycles only, please. Limit of 2 cans or 2 large bags per week. Additional recycles will incur additional fees.
Please Bag your Recycles. Because of the high mountain areas we service, an open 4-Wheel Drive pickup is used to collect your recycles. We request that your recycles be placed into a bag (paper or plastic) and securely closed (tied, stapled, taped) to prevent the possibility of wind blowing the items from the truck.
Recycle Pickup day is Monday, even holiday Mondays.
Recycle Collection Time is 7:00 a.m.  We may not be at your location this early, but route schedules and drivers may change affecting your pickup time.
Recycle Placement:  Please place your recycle bags, container, or cans at the end of your driveway on collection day.

The following items may be mixed (commingled):

Glass Bottles & Jars: Includes #2 bottles. Remove lids and toss and rinse. Paper labels can stay on. No plate glass, drinking glasses, dishes, oven cookware, light bulbs, or ceramics.
Aluminum and Tin Cans: Please rinse. Metal lids are okay. Labels can stay on. Empty aerosol cans are okay as long as they are totally empty.
Plastic Containers: Includes #1-7 bottles, jars, tubs, pails, cups, pots, snap-on lids. Rinse. No automotive chemical or pesticide bottles. No microwave trays, party platters, plastic wrap or bags, styrofoam, or items marked compostable. No non-container plastics like toys, flatware, plastic pieces of any kind.
Paper: Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and books with bindings less than ½ inch, pizza boxes, envelopes, junk mail: No phone books, paperback or hardcovered books, paper towels, tissue paper, waxed paper, photographs.
Paperboard: cereal and other food boxes, gift boxes, paper egg cartons, paper tubes, shoe boxes, 6-pack boxes. Flatten boxes and remove liners and Styrofoam packing. Please bag all your paper recycles.
Cardboard: We cannot collect corrugated cardboard boxes of any size.

Canyon Utilities Service, Inc.
32919 Poudre Canyon Hwy • Bellvue, CO • 80512

Billing options:
Invoices can be sent to you by e-mail or by regular mail

Payment options:
Pay by check to:
Canyon Utilities Service Inc.
32919 Poudre Canyon Hwy
Bellvue, CO 80512

Call us to pay with your credit card or to setup autopay:

Pay with your Credit Card or PayPal account:
Amount from your invoice: $

Canyon Utilities Service, Inc. has been servicing Colorado's northern front range since 1970. Berdena Sattler recognized the need for a residential and commercial trash service while she operated Rustic Resort, in the upper Poudre Canyon. Canyon Utilities has sustained continued growth through the years, as we now provide trash hauling and recycling services in Red Feather, Livermore, Bellvue, Horsetooth, LaPorte, Stove Prairie, Rist Canyon, Buckhorn Canyon, Masonville, and the Poudre Canyon. Being locally owned and operated, we recognize and accomodate the unique circumstances that are associated with living in the mountains such as steep driveways, bears, ravines, and poor road conditions. It is our goal to provide our customers, neighbors, and friends with timely, reliable, and efficent trash service.

Canyon Utilities Service, Inc.
32919 Poudre Canyon Hwy • Bellvue, CO • 80512